The Behavioral Health Research Center of the Southwest (BHRCS) was established in 1997 to conduct research on substance abuse and other behavioral health issues, and joined PIRE on May 1, 2006. The BHRCS mission meshes with the overall purpose of PIRE, for we share a similar mission, vision, and values. BHRCS has conducted a wide range of research on the prevention and treatment of substance abuse and other behavioral health issues, including the impact of cultural factors on health risks. Other key areas include clinical trials of medications for treating addictions, longitudinal studies of impaired driving, evaluation of methadone maintenance, and health care delivery in rural and cross-cultural settings. The office is centrally located in Albuquerque, NM, with close proximity to all local interstates, bus routes, and the Albuquerque Sunport. Our staff have expertise in behavioral risk areas including prevention, intervention, and epidemiology related to alcohol and drug use and mental health.

851 University Blvd SE
Suite 101
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106
Tel: (505) 244-3099
Fax: (855) 231-9821