Clients & Partners

Sponsors, clients, and partners of Pacific Institute’s past and current work include federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as small businesses, and public and private universities and foundations.

Academic Affiliations Academic Affiliations

Federal Agencies Federal Agencies

State and Local Agencies State and Local Agencies

Partnering Organizations Partnering Organizations

Small Businesses Small Businesses

Private Foundations and Organizations Private Foundations and Organizations

Small Businesses Small Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. In concert with our Federal government and other private sector partners, PIRE takes its commitment to small business development and partnership very seriously. As an organization, PIRE works diligently to build strong, cooperative, and strategic relationships with small businesses across the country that have similar vision and mission statements as well as short and long term goals. All of our small business partners focus their time and attention in the public health field by providing research, evaluation, organizational development, special populations outreach, technical writing, health care marketing, technology innovation, training and technical assistance, communication and other related administrative and logistical services.

PIRE understands the importance of partnering and leveraging the talents, capacity, skills and experience of our small business colleagues. To that end, our CEO and select senior staff are in frequent and consistent communication with our strategic small business partners to ensure that we are doing everything possible to improve our existing project work, as well as bring new and important work to PIRE. Additionally, our CEO develops and revises, on a quarterly basis, a communiqué to PIRE senior scientists and senior staff regarding updates about our small business partners, their knowledge, skills, abilities and new clients. Information about our small business partners can be found on both our internal and public facing websites.

Finally, PIRE staff work collaboratively with our small business partners to develop our small business subcontracting plans for all of our business development activities. Since PIRE funding consists of the science and practice of promoting and protecting the health of people and communities—encompassing issues such as health policy research; community, environmental, and regulatory approaches to prevention of health problems; and health services systems, among others—PIRE senior staff try to ensure that our partners are conducting similar types of work; wherein the partnership ends up being a mutually beneficial and rewarding relationship to all involved, including our clients.

Current PIRE Small Business Partners:

  • A-G Associates
  • AFYA, Inc.
  • BrightPort
  • Campbell & Company
  • Development Services Group (DSG)
  • Econometrica
  • Health Research Associates, Inc. (HRA)
  • Palladian
  • Paragon TEC
  • Sherry Matthews Inc.
  • Strategic Applications International, LLC (SAI)
  • The Dixon Group
  • The ISA Group and their subsidiary Center for Workforce Heath

PIRE’s small business strategic partnerships—old and new—illustrates our desire and ability to connect with some of the leading national small businesses conducting mission critical public and private agency contracting work designed to improve individual and public health, welfare, and safety.