El Salvador

An Outcome Evaluation of Drug Abuse Treatment in El Salvador

Principal Investigator:

Knowlton Johnson


Dept. of State
07/12/10 - 12/31/11
With funding from the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, United States Department of State, PIRE will evaluate the impact of a training curriculum (called the CICAD/FUNDASALVA DAT training) on a set of drug abuse treatment institutions in El Salvador. These institutions are located mostly in or around San Salvador. A total of 29 institutions that met an inclusion criteria based on their readiness to participate in an evaluation were selected for the study. The goals of the evaluation are (1) to assess the impact of CICAD/FUNDASALVA training on DAT center staff and center practices, (2) to assess pre-post change in illegal drug use, problem drinking, and related problems (e.g., illegal criminal activity, number of arrests) among patients/clients of drug treatment programs that participated in the CICAD/FUNDASALVA training, and (3) to examine the association between the level of success of former residents of drug treatment programs and the treatment processes (e.g., length of stay), extent and type of training that program staff has received, and contextual factors (e.g., drug addiction stigma). The evaluation team consists of the Principal Investigator Dr. Knowlton Johnson (Senior Scientist), co-investigators are Ms. Linda Young (PIRE’s Louisville Center Director), Dr. Matthew Courser (Associate Scientist), Dr. Stephen Shamblen (Associate Scientist) and Jude Vanderhoff (Research Associate). Project partners are FUNDASALVA, a leading substance abuse treatment organization in El Salvador, and Daniel Carr and Associates, an El-Salvador-based survey/market research organization. This project also is being conducted in partnership with the Organization of American States (OAS), which has provided financial support for the development and delivery of the CICAD/FUNDASALVA training curriculum.