Other Focus Areas


Case StudyPIRE’s multi- and interdisciplinary approach to conducting research and developing and evaluating programs that improve public health and safety extends to additional focus areas. For example, PIRE boasts an internationally-recognized team of health economists who study the costs of illness and injury and also calculate return on investment of preventive interventions and the cost effectiveness of health systems organizations.

PIRE scientists research the influences—positive and negative—of popular culture on human behavior. Another focus is examining the role of workplace policies and procedures on health behaviors such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Health and safety issues among military personnel are also an important topic of study for PIRE scientists. Currently, we are conducting a study investigating barriers to alcohol, drug, and PTSD treatment for returning National Guard service members. PIRE has also provided training to Navy personnel on alcohol and drug prevention through the PREVENT project.

While PIRE’s project portfolio is continually growing and evolving, one thing will never change—PIRE’s work will always be in the service of improving public health and safety in the U.S. and around the world.