Evaluation of program effectiveness is extremely important to ensure that useful strategies are implemented and that public resources are allocated appropriately.

PIRE has long been recognized as a leader in the field of evaluation. Its work includes evaluation of programs related to public health, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, dependency treatment, tobacco use prevention, traffic safety, criminal justice, education and many other areas that are important to health and well-being. PIRE researchers evaluate programs on the national, state and local levels.

PIRE’s Chapel Hill Center and Louisville Center house numerous evaluation projects where researchers design, field test, and engage in applications based on novel approaches to outcome-based program evaluation. PIRE provides evaluation services on a very large scale, with national evaluations of important state/local prevention programming, and also the smallest scale, with innovative web-based evaluation for local hospitals or peer work groups. A hallmark of the Institute’s approach to evaluation is that the design and implementation of evaluation studies work within the program structures to provide minimal interference with program operations. Results can be utilized by the ongoing program to make changes and improvements that enhance effectiveness.

Selected Projects

Bloomberg Road Safety Initiative
Principal Investigator: Ted Miller
Sponsor: World Lung Foundation
03/24/14 - 10/31/14


Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Logistcs
Principal Investigator: Andrew Gluck
07/16/14 - 09/30/14


DFC Evaluation
Principal Investigator:
Sponsor: SAMHSA
10/01/11 - 06/30/15


Evaluation and Monitoring of the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement Model 1 Initiative
Principal Investigator: William Scarbrough
Sponsor: Center for Medicare & Medicaid
09/24/12 - 12/23/15


Evaluation of California Community Colleges Student Mental Health Program (CCC SMHP)
Principal Investigator: Bob Saltz
Sponsor: CA Mental Health Svcs. Auth.
06/18/12 - 04/30/15


Jefferson County Reentry Fatherhood Initiative
Principal Investigator: David Collins
Sponsor: DHHS-ACF
09/30/11 - 09/29/15


Prevention Evaluation for La Frontera New Mexico BHSD State General Fund Substance Abuse Emerging Trends
Principal Investigator: Liz Lilliott
12/27/13 - 06/30/14


Support for Paragon TEC contract under NASA IDIQ Task 9.1
Principal Investigator: William Scarbrough
Sponsor: NASA
05/01/14 - 09/30/15