PIRE Calverton Center

The mission of PIRE’s Calverton Center is to advance knowledge about alcohol, drugs, criminal justice, and traffic safety policies and their implications; develop and evaluate implementation strategies for effective policies; and address public health concerns through the promotion of environmental prevention practices, proven enforcement approaches, and state-of-the-art evaluation services.

PIRE’s Calverton Center has personnel in Calverton, MD; Felton, CA; Albany, NY ; and in other parts of the country as well. The Calverton Center blends staff expertise in legal and enforcement issues, policy, and advocacy skills with substantial research and policy capabilities. This combined expertise creates a broad capability to tackle large and complex research and then science-to-practice initiatives. Calverton is the only PIRE Center with legal researchers on staff, which broadens social science and public policy analyses of real-world public health issues. Our multi-dimensional expertise brings a critical perspective to the creation, assessment, and implementation of policies designed to improve the health of both U.S. citizens and citizens of the world.

11720 Beltsville Drive
Suite 900
Calverton, Maryland 20705
Tel: (301) 755-2700
Fax: (301) 755-2799