Chapel Hill, North Carolina

PIRE Chapel Hill Center

Founded in 1988, PIRE’s Chapel Hill Center specializes in the design and implementation of innovative program and policy evaluation and needs assessment studies, and in epidemiological research relating to public health issues. The Center houses numerous ongoing projects that evaluate prevention programming, policy initiatives to prevent underage drinking, the disruption of illicit community-based alcohol and drug markets, and other health-related intervention efforts. Epidemiological studies focus primarily on substance abuse, violence, and other health risk behaviors, particularly among adolescents, young adults, and women. They include investigations of the correlates and etiology of problem behaviors in special populations such as the nation's workforce, African American adolescents, college students, and the homeless. Also under investigation are the diffusion of effective classroom-based curricula in our nation's middle schools, and the evaluation of an Emergency Department-based screening protocol for intimate partner violence.

101 Conner Drive
Suite 200
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
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