Louisville, Kentucky

PIRE Louisville Center

The Louisville Center specializes in applied research, the application of prevention technology, educational technical assistance, program and system design, evaluation, dissemination, and diffusion. Major areas of focus are alcohol, tobacco, and drug use intervention evaluation, prevention technology transfer, character education and civic engagement programs, school violence prevention and student safety, education and health research, HIV/STD and pregnancy prevention research, training outcome evaluation, organizational development, decision-making and risk assessment, state and community capacity-building research, and public safety. Scientists collaborate with universities; federal, state, and local community organizations; and prevention practitioners to most effectively and efficiently apply collective resources to study, develop, test, disseminate, and diffuse innovative ideas, programs, and initiatives that enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. The Center promotes international research, knowledge dissemination, and technology transfer within PIRE by engaging in cross-culture project work, developing a worldwide network of research partners and support services, and developing international funding sources and influential political contacts. As a result of studies conducted in Peru, Brazil, Thailand, and Liberia, the Center has developed international expertise, multinational and native research collaborators, and resources relating to cross-cultural and transnational research issues. The Center has developed expertise in social policy experimental design, selection of appropriate prevention programs and methodology for international settings, development of instruments that are culturally appropriate, and advanced multivariate analysis.

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