President & Chief Executive Officer
Bernard Murphy, MEd, PhD

Bernard E. Murphy, PhD, was unanimously elected as President and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. His term as President and CEO began January 1, 2008.

Dr. Murphy completed a Master’s degree in Education at the University of Maryland and earned his PhD in Counseling from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. He is a licensed Professional Counselor in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Dr. Murphy is the Institute’s senior executive responsible for overall management, development and operations of the organization, reporting to the Board of Directors.

Chief Financial Officer
Gary A. Klig, B.S.

Gary Klig was elected as Chief Financial Officer of Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in April 2012. He was the organization’s Director of Finance since 2004. Prior to joining PIRE, Mr. Klig was the Controller for the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington, a 558 bed long-term care and rehabilitation facility located in Rockville, Maryland. In his capacity as Controller, Mr. Klig was responsible for overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the Home. Previously, Mr. Klig held Director of Finance and Controller positions in the biotech, construction, finance and retail industries.

Secretary of the Corporation
Mary Gordon, M.A.

Ms. Gordon is a Center Director at the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation. A PIRE employee since May 1992, she has worked on a number of public safety and health related projects. Ms. Gordon was Director of the OJJDP’s Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center (UDETC), a project PIRE administered for 16 years. In her functional role as a Director, Ms. Gordon managed a three million dollar budget, supervised senior staff and collaborated with over thirty-five enforcement and judicial consultants.


PIRE/HBSA Board of Directors

H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH,
PIRE Board Chair, HBSA Vice Chair

Dean's Executive Professor of Public Health
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA

Linda C. Degutis, DrPH, MSN
PIRE Board Vice Chair, HBSA Chair
Executive Director
Defense Health Horizons
Atlanta, GA

Matthew Courser, PhD
Research Scientist
PIRE Louisville Center
Louisville, KY

Pebbles Fagan, PhD, MPH
Professor and Director, Center for the Study of Tobacco
Fay W. Boozman College of Public Health
University of Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas

Karen Friend, PhD
Senior Research Scientist and Assoc Center Director
Decisions Sciences Institute - PIRE
Pawtucket, RI

Henrick Harwood
Director of Research and Program Applications
Nat'l Association of State and Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors
Washington, DC

Kimberly Ann Horn, EdD
Associate Vice President, Clinical Research Collaboratives
Professor, Department of Population Health Sciences
Research Professor, Virginia Tech-Carilion Research Institute
Virginia Tech
Roanoke, VA

Jane Carlisle Maxwell, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Center for Social Work Research
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

Bob Saltz, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Prevention Research Center - PIRE
Oakland, CA

Jody Sindelar, PhD
Professor of Public Health and Economics
Yale School of Public Health
New Haven, CT

Al Stein-Seroussi, PhD
Senior Program Evaluator
PIRE Chapel Hill Center
Chapel Hill, NC

Corporate Counsel

Ronald A. Dweck, Esquire
Corporate Counsel
Senior Partner
Paley Rothman, Goldstein, Rosenberg, Eig & Cooper
Bethesda, MD

Emeritus Advisors

Allan Y. Cohen, PhD
Emeritus Advisor
Calverton, MD

Gwendolyn G. Hamilton, MD, FAAP
Emeritus Advisor
Medical Director
California Children's Services Contra Costa Regional Medical Center
Child Development Center
Martinez, CA

PIRE California Board of Directors

H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH,
Dean's Executive Professor of Public Health
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA

Lawrence W. Greene, Dr. PH
Adjunct Professor, Dept of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
University of California at San Francisco, School of Medicine & Comp Cancer Center
San Francisco, CA

Harold Holder, PhD
Formerly, Senior Research Scientist
Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation
El Cerrito, CA

Roland Moore, PhD
Center Director
Prevention Research Center - PIRE
Oakland, CA

Bob Saltz, PhD
Senior Research Scientist
Prevention Research Center - PIRE
Oakland, CA

Former Board of Directors

Allan Cohen 1974 1
Eric Schaps 1974 1
Barbara Schaps 1974 1
Frederick Chapman 1975-1982 7
Robert Dreyfuss 1975-1978 4
Hilary Fry 1975-1997 22
Lorraine Granit 1975-1984 9
Samuel Weinstein 1975-1976 2
Neala Wright 1975-1976 2
Larry Meredith 1975-1997 22
Sebastian Baker 1977-1983 6
Shoshanna Churgin 1977-1986 9
Gerard Aching 1979-1981 3
Barbara Corneille 1982-1998 16
Joan Brann 1983-1994 11
Gwen Johnson-Hamilton 1983-2009 26
Susan Cohen 1985-1986 2
Denis Madden 1987-1994 and 1997-2007 7 and 10
Isa Campbell 1987-1995 8
Bob Marhsall 1993-1997 4
Jeanette Rodriquez-Holquin 1993-1997 5
Donna Alvarado 1995-2002 7
Phyllis Agran 1998-1999 2
James Copple 1998-2001 4
Beverly Watts-Davis 1998-2003 6
Michael Finkelstein 1999-2009 11
Robert Voas 2002 1
Joel Grube 2002 1
Johnetta Davis-Joyce 2002-2003 2
Pat Waller 2002-2003 2
Paul Marques 2002-2007 6
Barbara McCrady 2002-2007 6
Bernard Murphy 2002-2008 7
Price Foster 2002-2009 8
Genevieve Ames 2003-2008 6
Linda Weaver 2004-2005 2
Janet Jester 2004-2009 6
Raul Caetano 2004-2011 8
Dennis Murphy 2006-2009 4
Tara Kelley-Baker 2008-2013 6
Leslie McCall 2008-2013 6
Lawrence Green 2008-2013 6
Denise Hallfors 2008-2014 7
Robert Saltz 2009-2014 and 2017-Present 6 and 2-Present
Harold Holder 2009-2017 9
Anthony Biglan 2010-2012 3
Mary Gordon 2010-2015 6
Faye Calhoun 2010-2015 6
Brian O'Neill 2010-2017 8
Richard Clayton 2012-2018 8
Robert Gold 2012-2015 4
Michael Ericksen 2014-2016 3
Eduardo Romano 2014-2016 3
Jane Maxwell 2014-Present 5-Present
Melissa Bersamin 2015-2016 2
Matthew Courser 2015-Present 4-Present
Karen Friend 2016-Present 3-Present
Westley Clark 2016-Present 3-Present
Linda Degutis 2016-Present 3-Present
Pebbles Fagen 2017-Present 2-Present
Alan Stein-Seroussi 2017-Present 2-Present
Henrick Harwood 2018  
Jody Sindelar 2018