Editorial by Raul Caetano Cited in Mother Jones

From Mother Jones:

“It would be interesting if they came to the United States and tried to force the United States to change the consumption of alcohol beverages in sports stadiums,” says Raul Caetano, a Brazilian native and senior research scientist for the NIH-funded Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in Oakland, California. Caetano, who wrote an editorial about Brazil’s World Cup alcohol conflict for the journal Addiction, says that if FIFA tried to get US alcohol laws changed as a condition of hosting the World Cup—for instance, demanding the drinking age be reduced to 18 for the games—the public health establishment would make sure it didn’t happen. But countries like Brazil and Russia, which struggle to regulate alcohol, don’t have nongovernment institutions to fight back against FIFA and its beer sponsor, he adds.”

For full article, visit: https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2018/06/russia-major-league-drinking-problem-fifa-world-cup-soccer-violence/