Emily Haozous

Research Scientist


Emily Haozous, PhD, RN, FAAN (Chiricahua Fort Sill Apache) is a registered nurse and Research Scientist at PIRE’s Behavioral Health Research Center of the Southwest (BHRCS), in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Dr. Haozous’ research is guided by the health and wellness priorities of the Native American partners with whom she collaborates. She has published in peer reviewed journals on cancer pain management, telehealth and video conferencing, complementary and alternative therapies for pain management, issues in racial misclassification, national trends in premature mortality, and cancer decision-making; always focusing her research efforts on the interests of Native Americans and Alaska Natives. She has worked with indigenous groups throughout New Mexico to address social justice and health equity concerns. She most recently completed a health impact assessment with the Santa Fe urban Native American community investigating the health implications of the chronic under-funding of the Indian Health Service. Dr. Haozous is a frequent speaker at local, tribal, state, regional, and national meetings on Native American health, particularly related to cancer prevention, palliative care, and health promotion. She has a background in hospice and palliative care nursing. She is passionate about policy change that brings equitable healthcare delivery to all corners of Indian Country. Dr. Haozous received her undergraduate degree in music from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and her masters and PhD in nursing from Yale University.