PIRE Project - OU/MHAS PFS Eval

Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) Scope of Work Administrative: Organize evaluation team Meet as needed with Oh1oMHAS, CU-VS. and University of Cincinnati-ESC to plan project and to review project progress. Participate in meetings and trainings related to the SPF-Partnership for Success project as requested by Ohio MHAS and OU. Liaison with Dr. Abe Wandersman on empowerment evaluation approach to project. Evaluation Design, Planning, and Development: Work with CU-VS and Ohio MHAS to determine and finalize project design, key activities, community needs, and Ohio MHAS information needs. Work with CU-VS and Ohio MHAS to plan for and develop community rollout. Participate in OPEC conference and facilitate as needed. Instrumentation: Develop instrument/interview and process to assess community/coalition readiness to engage in the SPF. Reporting: Assist OU-VS as needed with cross-site evaluation reporting and year-end reporting to Ohio MHAS. Final deliverables: June 30, 2015: Community Readiness Instrument/Interview and protocols Contract Period of Performance: Start date: December 15, 2014 End date: June 30, 2015 TOTAL COST: $48,246.00

 Ohio University