PIRE Project - ORI/Youth Access

PIRE staff will be involved in questionnaire and research design, analyses, and writing. PIRE staff will participate in regular staff meetings with ORI through teleconferences. Drs. Grube and Paschall will travel to Eugene, Oregon twice annually to meet with ORI staff. Dr. Grube will serve as the subcontract P.I. Dr. Grube will have primary responsibility for managing the project tasks at PIRE and will oversee the local enforcement interventions. Dr. Paschall will serve as a co-investigator, working closely with Dr. Grube. He will directly supervise the Enforcement Coordinator. The Enforcement Coordinator will take primary responsibility for maintaining relations with local police departments and coordinating local enforcement efforts. The Enforcement Coordinator will meet with local police and enforcement officials and will participate with ORI staff and county coordinators in making local presentations in support of project activities. Dr. Flewelling will serve as a co-investigator and will directly supervise the Data Analyst. Sean Hanley will serve as the Data Analyst and will have primary responsibility for managing the data sets at PIRE and for undertaking analyses.

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