Administrative: ¤ Meet as needed with the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS), Ohio University's CU-VS of Leadership and Public Affairs (OU-VS), Ohio UMADAOPs, the State Coordinating Committee, and any project consultants as needed to facilitate successful program and evaluation implementation and to monitor/review project progress. ¤ Work collaboratively with CU-VS to develop and implement project communication, document storage, and quality assurance protocols and integrate those protocols into all development and evaluation work. ¤ Assist as needed with CU-VS IRB submission; lead IRB submission to PIRE's IRB (if required). Evaluation Design, Planning, and Development: ¤ Work with CU-VS and Ohio MHAS to determine and finalize project design, key activities, UMADAOP and implementer site needs, and Ohio MHAS information needs. ¤ Work collaboratively with OU-VS, Ohio MHAS, and UMADAOPs in planning efforts to roll-out and diffuse CLFC training and implementation. ¤ Participate in monthly planning meetings and trainings related to the CLFC project as requested by Ohio MHAS and CU-VS. ¤ Work with OU-VS to develop an evaluation plan that reflects the planned process and outcome evaluation of CLFC into Ohio's re-entry systems. ¤ Provide training to UMADACP5 and other partners on process and outcome evaluation instruments and protocols and provide technical assistance as needed to ensure successful implementation of both the process and outcome evaluation. Instrumentation and Protocols: ¤ Work with OU-VS to develop approaches and instruments for understanding site readiness to implement CLFC. ¤ Work with CU-VS to develop training-related instruments to measures quality, relevance, and utility (QRU) of CLFC training sessions. ¤ Work with CU-VS to develop project consent forms (trainer/facilitator; participant) and work collaboratively with CU-VS and UMADAOPs to develop consent protocols. ¤ Develop tracking protocols and work with CU-VS to track and maintain contact with participants. ¤ Lead development of implementation fidelity instruments and related data collection protocols. ¤ Lead the development of process and outcome instruments to evaluate CLFC implementations. ¤ Work with CU-VS to develop training materials, toolkits, technical assistance approaches and materials. Reporting/Deliverables: ¤ Assist with and/or lead (as determined through discussions with OU-VS) data file creation, file maintenance/management, and data analysis of CLFC data. ¤ Assist in creating periodic summary evaluation reports that include process and outcome data (if/as available) for cycling back to UMADAOPs and CLFC implementation sites. ¤ Assist CU-VS as needed with POPs reporting and year-end reporting to OhioMHAS. ¤ Create monthly activity reports/logs and transmit to CU-VS.

 Ohio University