PIRE Project - OU/MHAS Problem Gambling

PIRE--SOW Administrative: -- Meet as needed with OhIoMHAS to plan project, to review project progress, and to review interim and final project reports. -- Participate in meetings and trainings related to problem gambling as requested by Ohio MHAS. -- Lead the Voinovich School, PIRE, and UC-ESC evaluation teams. -- Coordinate as needed with evaluation efforts being conducted by Ohio State University's College of Public Health Center for HOPES, Wright State SARDI, and Dr. Jeff Marotta. Evaluation Design and Development: -- Work with OhioMHAS to determine and finalize evaluation questions, evaluation activities and Ohio MHAS information needs. -- Develop evaluation framework and detailed timeline for evaluation and COl efforts. -- Ensure that the evaluation framework and planned activities are consistent with Ohio's SPF framework. Technical Assistance/COl: -- Function as CQI Field Agent, meeting with Boards, providers, agencies, and other interested parties to facilitate: a) Awareness of problem gambling and importance of offering (or referring to) a spectrum of prevention, early intervention, and treatment services for problem gambling. b) Adoption of evidence-based/promising prevention, early intervention, and treatment practices. -- Provide both group-based and individual (1-1) T/TA as needed/requested via asynchronous webinars, contact via telephone and email, and in-person site visits. -- Coordinate as needed with Drug-Free Action Alliance and other T/A provided by OhioMHAS. Evaluation Implementation: -- Monitor evaluation design and implementation and ensure project timeline is implemented with fidelity. -- Lead the development of a structured rubric to assess problem gambling plans. -- Work with UC-ESC to review and assess the quality of Board-level problem gambling plans. -- Develop semi-structured interview guide for ADAS/ADAMHS Board interviews and obtain review and input from the Voinovich School/UC-ESC teams. -- Lead development of the Workforce Development Survey, including development of the survey instrument and sample, and work with the Voinovich School to program and field survey using Qualtrics platform. Evaluation Reporting: -- Analyze/synthesize evaluation data from Board Plan review, Board interviews, Workforce Development Survey. -- Synthesize themes and common challenges resulting from CQI field agent work. -- Develop interim evaluation reports (February 2015 and May 2015), review with Oh1oMHAS, and finalize. -- Develop final evaluation report in June 2015, review with Oh1oMHAS, and finalize. -- Present results to Ohio MHAS and partners/stakeholders as requested.

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