PIRE Publication - Retention of faculty of color in academic nursing

Racial and ethnic diversity among nursing faculty is low, preventing schools of nursing (SON) from reflecting the populations that they serve academically and clinically. Few studies address the experience and success of faculty of color (FOC) in nursing. The purpose of this article is to summarize the current literature related to FOC retention and promotion. We reviewed 25 articles from the nursing literature following PRISMA guidelines, using a critical race theory framework. We describe barriers and promoters to retention, benefits of retaining FOC, and proposed solutions to FOC attrition. We also highlight polices by several SON that netted increased retention and promotion of nursing FOC. FOC meet substantial challenges that influence their career pathway. SON can improve faculty retention through focused efforts on improving the institutional culture to promote an inclusive environment.

Hamilton, N.
Haozous, E. A.