PIRE Publication - Male self-acceptance and attraction toward women

This research investigated the relationship between male self-acceptance and attraction toward traditional and nontraditional women. Undergraduate males of low, medium, or high self-acceptance were exposed to video-taped job interviews of undergraduate women playing traditional and nontraditional roles. A measure of interpersonal attraction was obtained for each model. Analysis of variance on this attraction measure revealed a significant interaction between level of self-acceptance and role model. Further comparisons revealed that the low self-acceptance males were more attracted to the traditional model than to the nontraditional model and less attracted to the nontraditional model than were high or medium self-acceptance males. The high self-acceptance males showed a tendency to be more attracted to the nontraditional than to the traditional model. These results were interpreted as suggesting that prejudice against nontraditional women may, in part, be a result of attempts to counter perceived threats to self-conceptions or self-esteem on the part of low self-acceptance males.

Grube, J. W.
Kleinhesselink, R.
Kearney, K. A.