PIRE Publication - Challenges and strategies in recruitment of ethnically diverse populations for cancer nursing research

To describe common barriers, identify challenges for researchers, and provide strategies for recruitment and retention of ethnic minority groups for cancer nursing research.Computerized search of databases, published articles, abstracts, master's theses, and doctoral dissertations. Social, economic, and cultural factors present challenges to recruitment of minorities into research. Knowing the culture of the target population, developing trust, engaging the community, and using tailored materials are strategies for recruitment and retention of minorities. Knowledge of potential barriers and challenges to research with diverse populations provides the foundation for the development of strategies for successful recruitment of minorities in cancer nursing research. Increasing ethnic minorities in research will generate knowledge that will contribute to culturally competent cancer care.

Knobf, M. T.
Juarez, G.
Lee, S. Y.
Sun, V.
Sun, Y.
Haozous, E.