Substance Abuse

PIRE’s commitment to substance abuse prevention and treatment is the common thread that runs through most of our work. Since its inception more than 40 years ago, PIRE has been at the forefront of research and evaluation on an array of substance use issues including alcohol use and abuse, misuse of both illegal and prescription drugs, and tobacco use. Of particular interest are the social and health consequences associated with substance abuse and how they may be avoided. PIRE supports the substance abuse prevention and treatment initiatives of our federal, state, and local clients while helping to mitigate the impact and negative consequences of substance abuse on youth and adults in the United States and around the globe. Whether the focus is on evaluating programs to confirm the best community prevention initiatives, calculating healthcare and societal costs of substance abuse, investigating practical applications of technology to prevent driving under the influence, or any of the myriad research and evaluation projects we have conducted, PIRE remains committed to working to improve individual and public health, welfare, and safety. Read more about our substance abuse work below.